Chord Charts

Here at Soundbank, we decided to start adding Chord Charts as a product to address a major gap in the market. Namely, it’s virtually impossible to find accurate professionally constructed chord charts on the entire internet. We grew weary of hearing our friends, colleagues, sons and daughters say with conviction; “but that’s what it says on the internet”. Arrrgggh!

You know the old adage right?

You get what you pay for

As almost all lyrics and chords websites we’ve ever encountered give away free charts, you get “free” quality. But just like a professionally trained Dentist or Doctor, it takes a professional musician to decipher the real chords behind a song.


What’s So Good About Soundbank Chord Charts?

SAMPLE Chord Chart
SAMPLE Chord Chart

Take a minute right now to do a search for chords on the internet and see what you can find for the Bee Gees song called “Alone”. Then compare what you find with our version shown here. You’ll see our Chord Chart shows every little nuance and cue for live performance – along with the correct chords! That’s the Soundbank difference.

Click on the image to enlarge. Close that browser window when finished viewing.


So Where Are All The Chord Charts?

There’s two ways to find the Chord Charts on this site.

  1. Use the search bar at the top of this website to search for a song title. Only the backing track will show up in the results page. But click on the link in the title of the song, and if there’s a chord chart for it, it will be shown there for purchase. OR;
  2. Go to the list of songs (HERE) and you will see that some of the songs show song keys listed. Look under the column titled “Chord Chart”. Note, this is the key of the Chord Chart – not necessarily the same key that the song or Backing Tracks is recorded in.


Are you wondering how to remove that big ugly watermark across the page? You don’t. We have spent hundreds of hours putting these charts together for you and we need some recognition and referral business for that because we sell them to you so cheap. So, the watermark stays.  😉

Okay, But How Much Do They Cost?

For a mere dollar or so, you can bypass all the heartache and wasted time that amateur muso’s go through trying to get songs to sound right. Buy our Chord Charts today and see how the pro’s do it.

Rock on!