Soundbank Studios


Thanks for stopping by. The purpose of Soundbank is to provide two things.

  1. Great quality music backing tracks of popular songs designed for live performance; and
  2. Accurate, professional chord charts for musicians of all levels. Optimised for live performance with cues for changes, starts and stops. All critical in a live gig atmosphere

For too long we have seen chords for songs published on the internet and used by people in various ways, even at live gigs, where the charts were so wrong that the song could never possibly have sounded right by following the charts.┬áMany times we’ve coached friends and family and corrected shonky charts downloaded from the internet. This is what led to the idea of doing this as a service. There’s was simply a huge gap in the market that no one was addressing.

Every single chord chart and backing track on Soundbank is very accurate and either true to the recorded version or (optimised beyond the original recording) to cater to live musicians.

Wait, Are You Suggesting Your Tracks Are BETTER Than The Original?

Absolutely not. But here’s the thing, when a song has 16 bars of acapella (no music, just voice), a live performer MUST have some sort of cue to keep them on beat otherwise their performance of the song will almost certainly fall apart. That doesn’t help anyone. So we take some poetic license and ‘enhance’ songs where we think it will help the live performer.

Look around and enjoy your newfound source for accurate professional music. We would love to hear your thoughts, so contact us soon.

~ The Soundbank Team